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Garage Door Repairs Nashville

One of the worst things that can start off a good day is to try to open your garage door to go to work & it wont open. A properly installed garage door will give you many years of trouble free service. But anything mechanical wears with time & accidents happen. When this happens you need someone experienced with garage door repairs that can be there to fix your problem properly, quickly & efficiently.


We are always looking out for the customer first!

I will always present the customer with the available garage door repair options. One can never have to many options or information & an honest objective assessment by a professional. I will also let you know if your door is unsafe or your throwing good money after bad by trying to fix something that has out lived it’s 9 lives.

You will find many reviews on the net at Google & other places by customers that were saved the cost of a new door by us fixing their existing one. Many customers were about to buy a new door & were thrilled when I had their old one working like it was new. A few times they had gotten new door quotes & I was the only one to tell them the door could be fixed.


Common Situations Of Needing Garage Door Repairs

  • Broken torsion springs or extension springs.
  • Not enough spring tension: the door will fall when released (this will shorten the life of a garage door opener because it works to hard).
  • Bent panels: a bent panel won’t make the turn at the top of the door. We can often fix this without having to buy a new panel. Get this fixed ASAP.
  • Worn rollers (the bottom rollers wear fastest).
  • Bottom seals worn or not sealing.
  • Damaged track.
  • Misaligned track.
  • Damage caused by garage door opener up/down pressure sensitivity set to high. The door gets obstructed & garage door opener doesn’t stop. Then the door bends.


Broken Garage Door Torsion Springs

Broken Torsion Spring

Broken Torsion Spring

You go to the garage to leave one morning & the garage door wont open. You notice the cables are loose, then you look around & the spring is broken. You remember hearing a pop last night so now you know why. A standard torsion spring is rated for 10.000 cycles & that is about 15 years with typical use. See my post on torsion springs & extension springs.


Don’t Let This Happen To You!

loose cableThe image at the top of the page happened because there was slack in one of the cables. When the garage door was opened the cable then came off the drum on one side & when the door was opened one side stayed down it pulled the other side up.

This will happen when the door is all the way up & there is slack in the cable because of not enough spring tension. Then the cable comes off the drum. To prevent this from happening in the first place check for slack with the door all the way open. If there is, call us & we can tighten the spring. This is a lot cheaper than in a few cases having to do major surgery.

Safety First!

If your like me your a do-it-your-selfer & that’s a good thing but sometimes it’s easier & best to let a professional do the job. Most garage door repairs aren’t very expensive & safety is more important than saving a few dollars. Garage doors are heavy & can cause serious injury or damage if a garage door repair isn’t done properly. Often a problem is solved with a quick service call & doesn’t cost much. It will be done in most cases the same day & with the proper parts. We all have expertise in something & an insider knows the ‘tricks of the trade’, has access to parts & materials the general public doesn’t & has specialized tools for the job. See my post on garage door safety.

With Oasis Garage Doors you know it will be done right. The rest of your door will be inspected so you will have peace of mind & wont have to worry about any potential future problems. Also you will have more free time to spend on the important things in life like your family.


Feel free to call about any questions regarding repairing your garage door or any others. I will even answer those of you repairing the door yourself.

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