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Customer Satisfaction

If you’re looking to have a Garage Door,  Commercial Garage Door installed, Garage Door Spring replacement or a Garage Door Repair it’s important to hire the right company. You want a company that you can trust & will always look out for your needs & treat you honestly.


Oasis Garage Doors is proud of it’s highest rated customer satisfaction. We have earned the trust of thousands of customer & we will earn yours too.


 We are very proud of what we do and yes it shows in all of our work. That is what we practice and why our work speaks for itself. Our garage door installations are performed to perfection as we take great pride in ALL our installs. We have over 20 years experience dealing with all types of garage door replacement & repair issues. There is no situation or problem we can’t fix. If you have a low ceiling or narrow entrance, we have seen it all & have put a garage door installment in every home imaginable.



We usually provide same day garage door repairs in the middle TN area for the following services: • Overhead door installation • Garage door opener repair • Panel replacement • Replacement transmitters & photoelectric eyes • Extension spring replacement • Broken torsion springs • Roller & hinge replacement • Broken cable repair • Commercial service & repair • Retrofitting installations in historic structures • Upgrading to energy efficient insulated garage doors.

We will replace any door no matter the shape, size or weight, we will get it done! We have the expertise & ability to innovate & make difficult situations work.

Garage Door Repair & Maintenance

Garage doors are heavy. There are lots of parts that work together to make the lifting and lowering of the door look effortless. If one part is not functioning properly serious damage can occur. A properly installed door will need little maintenance (but Murphy’s law says something will go wrong if it can).

Very little lubrication is needed with a garage door or a garage door opener. Lubing the springs with WD-40 once a year is sufficient. For the garage door opener rail that comes in one piece use a light grease every 5 years like white lithium. Rails that are in sections require no lubrication. Greasing the roller tracks will only attract dirt.

Rollers with bearings need a few drops of light oil if they look dry, most will last the life of the door with no maintenance. Some rollers are sealed so they are maintenance free. The plastic rollers without ball bearings needn’t be oiled & it’s almost impossible to oil them anyway.

Hinges can squeak after a time, especially on an un-insulated door that will reverberate any noise. Hold a rag next to the hinge & spray a little silicone spray on it, wipe up the excess.

Don’t Let This Happen To You

A common problem I see on service calls is when one of the cables comes off the drum. This will happen when the door is all the way up & there is slack in the cable because of not enough spring tension. Then the cable comes off the drum. To prevent this from happening in the first place check for slack with the door all the way open. If there is, call us & we can tighten the spring. This is a lot cheaper than in a few cases having to do major surgery. While I am there I will do any minor adjustments for no extra charge.