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Why You Need a Keyless Entry For Your Garage

Our garages have many uses besides parking cars. They are storage areas, workshops, meeting areas & sometimes a second main entrance to the home (see my notes about using a garage door as a common entrance & more in Garage Door Safety). A garage is a place where you can keep your car & valuables safe. A wireless keypad entry adds versatility to a garage. Here are a few reasons why.


  • Temporary Codes

Most garage door manufacture’s have wireless key pads allow you to make a temporary code. This can be set for a certain time or number or openings.

Got a package delivery? Give the delivery service the temporary code and they can leave the package right inside your garage. By the time you get home, your home is totally secure, with no worry that someone else may get access to that other code.

Here is a scenario. You have a family member or friend come into town & they are going to stay at your home but you can’t be there. Instead of hiding a key under the mat you can give then the code to the garage.


  • What if You lost Your House Key ?

You & your family always have a way to get in your home. Better than a locksmith.


  • Security

If your worried someone got the pass code it takes seconds to program a new one, versus if someone gets your house key you have to re-key your whole house.


If you have any questions call or email me. I will answer any & all questions. Even those of you repairing or installing your garage door & garage door opener your self.



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