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When Is It Time To Buy a New Garage Door?

All things have a limited life span, especially things that move. Is it worth the money to fix your old garage door or should you buy a new one? Sometimes your just tired of the old door or want a different look. So how to know when Is It time to buy a new garage door?


Repairing Your Garage Door

Usually the first best thing to do with a damaged garage door is to repair it. This is best done after the problem first arises before it gets worse or causes other problems. One such instance may be a bent panel that causes the door to not open all the way.

I recently had a customer with two older wood garage doors with windows but the track & hardware was wore out. The panels were in good condition. I gave him two prices. One was new doors. The other was to keep the old wood garage door panels. Use new track, springs, weather seals, heavy duty rollers & hinges. He said the reason he liked his choice wasn’t the money he saved by bringing new life to his doors but the look of the doors you just can’t buy anymore. His wife was especially happy.

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Throwing Good Money After Badbroken-mullion

A garage door has a limited lifetime & it may come to a point on an old door when the joints separate, components like rollers, track, springs, etc are worn. When someone ask me to repair a door like this I tell them that it may be possible (sometimes it’s not) but they are postponing the inevitable. The money spent could on a garage door repair could of been spent to buy a new garage door so it is being wasted. Call me & let give you an honest appraisal. I will give you all your options without telling you it is time to buy a new garage door when it can be repaired.


Old Style Tilt-Up Garage Doorstilt-up garage door

These are common in garage doors built in the 50’s. The bad thing is when they go bad there are no available new parts. Also with a few exceptions most of them have out lived their service life. The weak points on these doors are the springs, top rollers & the pivot arms. When the pivot on the pivot arm wears off, & you should watch for this, the only thing to holding onto the door will be at the bottom of arm at the bottom of the door.

If the above mentioned parts are in good condition but it just isn’t closing properly it may just need an alignment. Unless your tired of the old door, you don’t like the look or don’t want to worry about it in the future, it is money well spent on repairing it.


Reasons To Upgrade Your Garage Door

Here are a few things to consider if you’ve been thinking is it time to buy a new garage door?


Oasis Garage Doors is well known for providing solutions to people’s needs & help with their garage door problems. I have saved many people hundreds of dollars by fixing their old garage doors when they were told by other contractors they need a new door. Give me a call even if you just need help from an expert on fixing your own garage door.

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