DIY garage door repairs

The Dangers of DIY Garage Door Repairs

If your like me your a do-it-your-selfer & that’s a good thing. But sometimes it’s easier or best to hire a specialist to do the job though. For example even the best back yard mechanics take their vehicles to a shop to have certain things done. Here are a few of the dangers of DIY garage door repairs.


Access to the Proper Parts & Tools

Every specialty industry has hard to get parts & the garage door industry is no exception. A good example is torsion springs. If a torsion spring isn’t matched to the door there will only be problems & or money wasted. Retail stores wont sell them because of liability issues & that spring you get on the net may easily be the wrong one.


The Risk of Self-Diagnosisgarage door off track

We all have our own experience & expertise in certain things so you know to the outsider things seem easier to them than they really are. Garage door repair is no exception. Garage doors are complex moving objects with many parts that can go wrong. You can fix one part & think the problem is solved not realizing that another one caused the first to go bad.


Risk of Injury

Every year many injuries are caused from garage doors that could of been prevented. According to NEISS data, over 2,200 Americans will be injured each year by a garage door falling on them from above. About 800 Americans will suffer lacerations when the window glass in their garage doors breaks. Injuries are serious but some would feel the pain more if a garage door fell on their car or truck. Get the peace of mind knowing it was fixed right the first time from someone that stands behind their work. See my page on Garage Door Safety.


Most Repairs Aren’t that Expensive

Most of the time it’s a cost of just a service call & maybe some parts. Maybe a quick alignment is needed. I have saved many people the cost of a new door by fixing their old one.

Fix that door before a small problem becomes a big one. If your going to fix it your self give me a call & maybe I can walk you through & save you a few head aches!




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