LiftMaster 8550W

The Best & Quietest Garage Door Opener-LiftMaster 8550W

For years you have had that noisy old Genie or generic garage door opener in your garage next to a living space or bedroom. The thing had finally died & your wanting something quieter. So what is the best & quietest garage door opener & why? Here are some reasons why the LiftMaster 8550W will win your heart & mind.


What Makes a Garage Door Opener Quiet?

  • Belt drive. The vibration from the motor travels down the chain or screw to the garage door. This isn’t so with a belt drive.
  • DC motor. A DC garage door motor runs smoother than an AC motor. There is also the benefit of a slow start & stop that can be done with a DC motor. This puts less strain on the whole system.
  • An insulated door will make less noise than an un-insulated one. This isn’t directly because of the garage door opener but any vibration coming down a chain or screw drive will vibrate the door like a drum. Also the door”s squeaks & rattles will be amplifies by the sheet metal.


The LiftMaster 8550W is Loaded With Features

Aside from the DC motor & belt drive mentioned above here is a short list. See the downloadable PDF below for a more detailed description.

  • Battery back-up. So you wont get locked out when the power goes out.
  • Connects directly to your Wi-Fi so you can control & monitor the operator from your phone.
  • Warranty: Lifetime motor & belt, 5 year parts, 1 year battery & accessories.
  • Smart control panel: Motion detector turns on light, programmable time to close, tells time & temperature & more.


For someone wanting a quiet full featured garage door opener, buying the LiftMaster 8550W will be a decision they wont regret. The price is $104 more than LiftMaster’s economy chain drive, which is a very good garage door operator. My advice is to avoid the Genies & other brands that built cheaper by cutting a lot of corners & a LiftMaster doesn’t cost much more.


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