intellicore garage door insulation

Intellicore Polyurethane Garage Door Insulation Advantage

First a primer on garage door insulation. There are two types of insulation used, polystyrene & polyurethane. Polyurethane is far superior. It has a higher R value, is stronger & per point of R value cost about the same, if not cheaper in some cases. Clopay is one of the few manufacturers that offer polyurethane.  You can read more about garage door insulation in my post Do You Need an Insulated or Non-Insulated Door.

Here is Clopay’s intelicore buying guide & the garage doors it is available on.

The intellicore polyurethane garage door insulation advantage!



R values from R-12.9 to R-22.2, some of the highest in the industry. If you spend a lot of time in your garage or what ever space that is used, intellicore insulation is a good investment.



Polyurethane is injection molded into the panels filling all the voids & spaces. Test have shown the intellicore polyurethane insulated garage door panels are twice as strong as other panels. If you have kids throwing basket balls at your garage this is what you want (but it’s not recommended as a practice 😉 ). It is also a top seller in Mexico for security reasons.

If your last garage door failed because of bent panels & you don’t want to experience it again you may want to consider polyurethane intelicore.



A lot of the noise from a garage door is caused from vibrating & reverberation of the sheet metal during opening & closing. Also you hear vibration transferring from the garage door opener to the panels. This isn’t so with a solid panel.

It will also keep the outside noise down. All big pluses especially if you have sleeping quarters next to the garage.

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