Improving a Home’s Curb Appeal

A garage door takes up a large portion of the face of your house & is important to it’s curb appeal. The right garage door will transform the looks & character of your house. You may want a certain look for your home or want to get away from the “cookie cutter” look of a lot of homes out there. While you don’t want to spend money on something you don’t want or need there is only one chance to do it right & you’ll never regret buying quality.


Create a Different Look


Gallery Collection – Long Panel with Arch Wrought Iron Window Design shown in Dark Ultra-Grain Finish. Clopay’s Arbor Grove entrance door.

There are different schools of thought on color. You may want to make it stand out or blend in & there may be a certain theme your trying to create. Usually people want the door & what’s surrounding it to match. Designers usually say the garage door & entrance door shouldn’t match color but Clopay has entrance doors that match their garage doors in design & color for a perfect fit.


To get away from the flat, boxy look of your garage door, create visual interest with the following:

  • windowpanes & inserts
  • horizontal relief patterns
  • vertical lines
  • carriage house door style cross beams

before-afterReturns on Resale

Thinking of selling your home or is there the possibility in the future? Four out of Five of the biggest returns on resale on a house are the exterior. More important is swinging a buyer to choose one home over another.

Are you fixing up your house for the spring home-selling season? Read the full 2016 Cost. vs. Value report for more insight into what you can expect to recoup on these projects in your region of the country.

Just how much can the right garage door add to your property value? A study done by Stratamark Research and Clopay Door interviewed 300 realtors nationwide and revealed that on average an insulated garage door added 1–4 percent to the selling value (Avalar San Diego). On a $250,000 home that equates to adding $2500–10,000 in value, which is a significant gain.


What Door to Choose?


Clopay Door Imagination System. Click to upload a picture of your house & “try on” a door of your choosing.

There are a lot of options & some doors look better on some homes than on others (see below for examples). Also money on a higher end door may be better spent on one in the front of the house & not on the side. See my page How to Select a Garage Door for help navigating through the many choices. The Clopay “Door Imagination System” link on the right is a good way to “try out” a door on your house.


Some Examples of Doors Matched to Their Homes:


Modern Steel Collection shown in Walnut Finish

Modern Steel Collection-Flush design. Shown in Walnut Finish.


Avante Collection – Frosted glass with a powder-coated custom color to match the windows.



Coachman Collection – Design 11 with ARCH4 Window Design.

Reserve Wood Collection Custom Series

Reserve Wood Collection Custom Series – Custom Design.


There are lots of resources on this site to help you navigate through the decision making of buying a garage door. The Garage Doors page has links to each door & you can find downloadable brochures. You can also see different design options to help you make a better decision. How to Select a Garage Door post will help you choose the door best for your needs.

Feel free to call or email me. I will answer all questions, even those regarding those of you trying to repair your own door. There will be no up-selling here, only information to better help you with your needs.

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