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Can My Door Be Repaired Or Do I Need a New One?

When you contact us you will be presented with an honest evaluation so you can make a better choice as to what you can or can’t do with your garage door.

You will be given only the facts & shown all your options. Many times I have been to a customers home & they were asking for a new door. They had gotten other quotes but weren’t told the door could of been repaired. Yes, sometimes someone is just tired of an old door & may want a new one or may want a different look. A garage door is expensive & no one wants to buy one if they don’t have to.

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Garage Door Torsion Spring Replacement


Torsion Spring

A standard garage door torsion spring is rated for 10,000 cycles. Often this amounts to 15 years with the typical use of opening & closing it twice a day. We can repair a single spring system on most doors for $150, $200 for a double. This includes an inspection & I will do a minor alignment if needed.


Garage Door Repair Services

repair cracked panel

Oasis Garage Door’s can fix your broken torsion spring, repair broken garage door cables, bent or misaligned track, worn out rollers, broken pulleys or garage door replacement panels.

I offer a wide range of garage door repair services and replacement parts at discounted prices. I use only top quality garage door hardware for your overhead door so you will be confident your garage door repair will last. We offer a 5 year guarantee on all new parts and labor, the best in the industry. I am usually available to fix your door fast within 1 hour and you’ll know the repairs will be done right at an affordable price.

Sometimes if your garage door opener will not close. It just may need a safety sensor alignment and there is no need for you to spend a lot of money for a service call when you can do it yourself. Just give us a call and we will walk you right through it and save you money and the hassle absolutely free of charge.


Peace of Mind

As part of my garage door repair service I will give your garage door a full tightening. I will check on all existing hardware to check for any worn or broken parts. My attention to detail will have your door functioning as good as new. I will check every moving part of your garage door. You will have the peace of mind knowing your door is working right.


Buying New Panels & Reusing Old Hardware & Track

bent door

If the track & hardware is good it may be possible to only replace the panels.

Sometimes an available option is to just have the panels only replaced & reuse the old track & hardware. If the track & hardware are in good condition this is an economical option, saving up to 40% of a new door. With this option you still get the panel warranty. This is especially good if for example someone backed their car into a garage door that had little wear.

Keep in mind if your torsion springs are over 10 years old it is recommend to replace them with the new panels.