Garage Door Panel Replacement

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Accidents will happen, time has it’s way with things & if you never mess up your not doing anything (or so a wise man told me). Garage door panel replacement is a less expensive repair option than replacing a whole garage door. Some options are replacing a single panel, all the panels or reinforcing a bent door so it will open properly.


Can My Door Be Fixed?

A Few Things To Consider

  • Do you know what brand it is? You want a new panel to look like the rest of the door.
  • What kind of laps do the panels have? Ship lap & tongue & groove are the most common. If you have a Clopay door (the largest selling brand) the older doors have ship laps & newer tongue & groove (more on that below).
  • An old door may have faded paint.
  • If you have a custom garage door special considerations need to be taken into account.
  • Is it worth fixing? Sometimes a garage door is just wore out.

Tongue & Grove Lap

Tongue & Grove Lap

Matching Different Laps: Ship Lap & Tongue & Groove

A “section joint adapter rail” is available to match two types of laps. This is an option to keep you from having to buy all new panels or a new door. You will have a 1/2″ piece of white aluminum in-between the new & old panel so it will be noticeable. Also if your door is very old the paint may have discolored. For most people this is a good option if the rest of the door is in good condition,these servises are specialy for nashville tennessee.


Garage Door Strut

Garage Door Strut

Saving A Bent Panel

A bent panel wont make the turn at the top of the track. This can be often fixed by adding 1 or 2 garage door struts. A simple fix that will save a garage door.

Replacing All The Panels

Sometimes an option is to replace only the panels & reuse the old hardware, spring & track. This is an option if your door isn’t to old & the old hardware is in good condition. If your door is over 10-15 years old your spring may be about the end of it’s life so that needs to be factored. A single spring is $50 but the standard rate on replacing a single spring on a service call is $150+.

In some cases I can save you 40% of the cost of materials & labor is less when replacing the panels only.




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